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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, we are back together, hopefully Taufik Nobo today, The previous Chapter of SWT Baduy is go hello to friends who might have stopped by and spotted me on this channel. Your integration of videos, please Consider clicking the subscribe button and also turns on notifications for all activities from this channel. Then edit first the cleaner, the Samsung Galaxy S4, what I hold, is loaned from Samsung Indonesia and this is an Indonesian unit, not a review. After three days of using the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Indonesia, Lesov.net guys will be. It came out and came in with a surprise because it uses a chipet that has been remarked on by many as Snapd.

The origin is the flagship series using the Exynos chipset, even though in reality many are curious to try Exynos with the Samsung Galaxy S2 Two,. You can still see he is there, but the bullets are there, but from a distance it looks like a full box. The gang type is interesting flavor. It feels compact, comfortable, light but has that weight. All is flat and also one thing that is a concern about the screen is the Samsung Galaxy S1. This Samsung Galaxy S 20 is already using and for your sake Lettu x601 inch, fsd plus and for refresh has reached 120 hz but it is not ltp Oh but in MSG, so it can change the refresh rate from 10 to 120 hz, depending on needs, and so far I have never felt anything suddenly, jitter or uncomfortable or anything like that.

So soft is the pharmacy for parts just smooth. The screen has a nice color and you could say it is similar to my iPhone thirteen and also my MacBook Pro. So it is not like other AMOLEDs, which can be more pans or like how Samsung love the Fed water can maximize the color saturation on the screen and it is not strange indeed. They are one of the best screen manufacturers in the world today. If we try to look at the internal parts of Samsung, Ga The laxy S2 I am holding has an internal 8, Giga RAM 128, GB storage for performance problems. The latest generation Snapdragon 8 series, of which many people are a little scared later. When used on Samsung, it will be hot and all sorts of things.

I will tell me where the heat is during my use, but if we try to look at some benchmark results now, this is a bit unusual. If we browse out there, many people can find the benchmark. Results, Snapdragon agent, one is clothes, 7-1 million IDR 60,000 then. On the internet, the articles I haven't asked Samsung Indonesia. What's going on here, is there, a cut-off for the performance section or indeed the OS itself, is still not optimal. There is no problem at all in multimedia, I don't play games and Impact 2, I. Can only test with Call of Duty, the car is here and so far in fact. Yes there is a warm feeling in this area, but it doesn't bother me when I try to check this using the battery love app. So I don't use a firing thermometer as it is around 38 degrees Celsius.

The battery is not up to the point that interferes with this warm feeling, You can also feel it when you are recording with the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera. There is a little febrile area here and yes, fever. What I feel when I use the two Samsung Galaxy S2 is that only that part of the Instagram Story comes out,.

The result is that if you want a good IGS, he comes out of the Samsung Galaxy S7, right? I do not want you to have to record it in the camera app before uploading it, and the most important thing is that it is not a resolution problem, but the first is the frame per second problem, Though a resolution of 8 will give the best resolution, the image will still be copied or broken because Instagram raised the frame rate to 30fps, so Whenever yo want to reach out one Instagram Story video, make sure it is at least 30fps frame rate or 60fps.

While trying to take a direct Instagram Story photo from the Instagram application on the Samsung Galaxy S2, the result is that the stabilization doesn't work, It turned out that three days was not enough for me to be able to take a lot of photos. If you really want to use the Samsung Galaxy E7 as a media tool for your everyday photos, you will not be embarrassed about the results, even though uploading media is what you need to consider where to upload it. So for the video it's actually the Samsung Galaxy S2. This is really good, because it still works in Key Twenty-four SPS mode. If not in stabilization, for example, it would be more playful and wider for creating content, yes. My committee was on Twitter in the past, which was really troublesome.

If you have an MWC it’s still safe to edit Eike videos, the tradition of the 60fps fork model that typically loses stabilization, especially on this myTrans cell phone. If on a Samsung Galaxy S2 it's still fairly well present and is more powerful and Mikraj. In fact, this cellphone is already pretty good in video mode. The details in this slightly dark part are still quite visible, but in highlights it is fairly protected, and this is done using the Auto video mode, yes, Even though it feels like he is trying to fix it, hehehe, because it is really hard if you just walk around the source like this but it crashes peacefully. While this is the performance of the ultra-white angle, the camera, I don't know.

But now for migraines here are the calculations really good for recording the front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2 like that, which can reach 60fps fork and the result is like that, that, yeah, great Even though the sun is behind me, it can still protect the highlights on my face and if it's really like this now it is also because it's even better. One thing that could be a concern is what is the problem of stabilizing image, coloring and everything. Is that I am warm again in the back of this cell phone, while recor ing using these camera models? Originally it did not ta ke long, it didn't take long but it felt warm. What is called enough energy and also the performance of the time agent Snapdragon for the problem of its own room application.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Like that It is also a complete count, yes, class, flash, If you really like taking videos and love everything technical like m, assuming the shutter speed must be how much water and all kinds of things, then you can do it directly on the Samsung Galaxy S2. What is interesting is that the first time I took it out and I turned on the Samsung Galaxy S1. The battery at a capacity of 77 percent of funds was when I used it all day until the battery was left. Six percent of that were able to get a screen on time of 5 hours, one minute with a total use of the phone 6 hours, 57 minutes. This is a number that is already good and because I'm still curious whether the battery is really this pretentious, I tried charging it and tested it again.

It's still the same, using full WiFi connection with a battery of 100% to two percent. It turns out that I can get the total usage of battery for a day, 13 hours with a total screen on time of more than 52 minutes and confirmed it again today or I try to test it using a full GSM connection, with no Mifi at all from 100% to 3 percent. I will tell Sharp to Samsung who can maximize its battery capacity with the chipset with the screen and all that stuff now. There must be something called performance loss and all that stuff,.. Oh can also God tell you, Adi when I tested the battery for the always on display, it turned off because I forgot to turn it on Oh 10, additional feathers. Samsung Galax y S4 is the battery power reduced only about six percent and I.

To answer the gaming performance of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Piya is the answer to battery power for its own performance. Of course, there is no problem with the completion of battery discussion by Samsung The Galaxy S2 white also finished with the first impression video or maybe three days of using the Samsung Galaxy S 20. I know this is not a video with the most complete story and all that, but at least from some of my test results for the past three days and I can tell you and I hope it helps you, because some people I know very well. We talked about those who said they wanted pots, but back and forth back and forth, and the main reason was battery performance so coffee, lithops and if there might be one or two more things.

Column Let's have a healthy discussion for now, but m au suicide, assalamualaikum warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh..

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