2.4M! Samsung Galaxy A12 Review - 5 Reasons to buy and Reasons Not to Buy. - Galaxy User Guide

Hi Uproar Assalamualaikum again on the gadgetempire YouTube channel at the end of 2020 together with paint. This cover is for Jelly in the Samsung Official Store Tokopedia, with a price of already p9000. The Samsung Galaxy E7 offers excellent features in a stylish design, powerful and strong performance. 48 megapixel camera and a large national battery capacity. There are 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy is a recommendation for the price of 2.4 million, and also some considerations to choose the Samsung Galaxy SL this also.

The top 3/4 is lined with diagonal lines, and the bottom quarter is a cool metal slug, The layout also makes me like the position of the fingerprint reader on the side that is integrated with the lock button, so that access to the smartphone with fingerprint is faster and easier. The second reason: Z's favorite thing is the multimedia experience on the Samsung Galaxy Excel. The screen size of the Samsung Galaxy X cover is already too big and not too small. The screen uses a pls panel with edge resolution plus infinity-v, the design for the selfie camera. The Samsung Galaxy SL supports WiFi net1, so streaming Disney and other netflix movies already support Hai Tujhse Aming with good quality, even though it has a single speaker at the bottom.

It decreases like a perfect fit for watching in the room, but if a gadget lover wants a better experience, it is recommended to use a headset or a handsfree. This already supports Dolby Atmos audio technology and there is Adamson support which can adjust the volume according to the hearing characteristics based on the age of the user. The quality of photos with his camera is quite surprising and this is the third reason for Z to recommend the Samsung Galaxy E7 to bring to several places, both in the city center and in the pine forest area. Various Samsung Galaxy E7 get here, bro, the line can really be a weapon for photos in various broken conditions. Ultra-wide fixed b isa produces good photos.

The addition of a macro lens and depth sensor make the Samsung Galaxy E7 Mini camera feature complete for smartphones in its price class. The main camera of the Samsung Galaxy E7 can be handled from a comparison of specifications and prices. Performance, especially for gaming, but the experience of using this Smartphone for daily use is very smooth. Mediatek uses Helio P35 to provide smooth performance with the help of the 8 process combined with Want you I from Samsung, which is lightweight. The fifth reason can reach up to 1 terabyte, [Music], [Applause], large battery capacity and long-lasting D.

The consideration for not choosing the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the chipset used in its price range, There are already several other smartphone options using the MediaTek Helio j-series chipset, which is superior for gaming, even though it is good for the quality of the main camera, Unfortunately, the selfie camera only uses an 8 mega pixel lens and considerations. Another thing is screen protection that is not equipped with Gorilla Glass and a purchase package that does not include CC and a headset can be the main consideration before choosing the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE as the daily driver for the gadget lover. The progress of the channel, making Empire air Katamba gadgets have to say goodbye and leave,.

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