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I will tell you today, 1835 says that I 'll take you from the noob to a chrome, the first one, the following guy. If you posted a house like this, look and know that there is a much nicer way to make your house old - dude, you should put up some zip codes in a square format and using the name thousand you will make all these bars grow. When you're done you will have a tree house much prettier than that one,. It is just that here old man put a door there. Damn, then it's the leaks, we're staying I'm also going to live in the house. I saw this here, bro Sorry if they guide Márcia, will have to get out of here. No, we change the wood floor take. These leaves be taken from here, and this is the tree house. I wanted to thank the bank and sponsor this.

Video is an application that allows you to win. You already know: Let's go to LKW value ante fortnite code, Minecraft itself on the high pixel, and many others. But if you ask me, what is good about it, man, it really is that it costs you points and you can exchange it for incredible rewards with the 15 awesome keys for games and I managed to stay says. Amazon You can even win a free Minecraft account, but the business is good. I have already stopped right my son, an account that is expensive and it is really safe and I'll. This is safe and totally free besides being easy to use and a completely free for you to enjoy in any way as it keeps waking up in the background without a bed noticing seriously, I had two running and you noticed the difference. I don't think so.

I came back at least. Nothing so I'm watching you, you're going to download the bank soon and I left the link in the description, I'm watching you and you won't escape, no dude. Do you think that your tips will help him, but of course you are questioning? Yes I'm questioning Look at this poor guy playing Okay. Well, I want to need more man so it's worth it I'm going to go there. Okay, so I'm going to save him now I'm home today, you have to get him and give him a new house now Why. You don't have this time at home? Then there won't be time to make a house I'll teach you a technique. Originally, i'm going to type the technique to do a fast house make a Craft a whole work table ready now make a compost bin. Bin I was here There's a nice book to stay in here.

It's even cooler if we're OK - my son just makes a trapdoor in the cup on top. It opens down now at Binho. You're a protected dude, not even here, close I'll be near to shooting, can't attack it's the safest of all the fastest. No, now you have to wait to stay during the day . Ok, ok, ok and ready another one and Mexico I'm done I helped him there It's, safe you're. Don 't even want to look back that what he's doing old-oh my god, your husband came out of the tooth. Just from the house made I Bro. The challenge will be to help Lobinho defeat Drago on the day. If I don't know what is mexican crazy. He really believes that he lives for the sake of God. My son I, don't know what you're doing dude he left that house, because it was soon very dark.

Ok, Ok, Ok, I think the lady is very small man, very small so I also wanted to have a tree. Your luck is that I have a trick to make the tree grow. But you call here if it's calbone mills is a seed here and on the seedling side we put blocks to the block he can tap tap you'll, see that look how taller she is than the stop with the other one understands each day, I'm going to do it, a house for you using this technique and the council is going to stare I'm marking this territory, go work now ok, [Music] and now Lobinho is much bigger. Just put it on the door here, a little better mess. ... welcome to your new house dude I'll help you here I know, there is still more to do with you. For god's sake, for god's sake, take it play it Get out of leave it's.

You can't even put an animal inside the pen I'm trying to put in, but they never come out. It always comes out that it was just ask the cow chicken foot, fine she's going to break this one I'm going to teach a technique to you! A little in here, speak not hit him man. You just walk so that I am nothing here, you are here to play, then put one more here and that is it, He can't run away again. Did it more pretend [, _, ] and now you can get in and out without risk of him running away in this. The second technique to trap the animals is very easy. We will make a square of a trapdoor and you will understand this only now. They will manage to escape and because of that place the pig here above and that's it. They can't jump and you can no - I am not behind you see - cool.

He's breaking the rock with his hand. You say you managed to help this guy, you will have to go get this one. So then I'll teach you the tricks without the name and that's it Calm down who he said. He could remember that I told you that things were going to be complicated for you. Please come in to help he understood, he says to me what you are doing. You have to pick this up here with a pickaxe This here on my pickaxe bike, Manu Dinho, you don't get the stone like that I'm showing you a much easier way to get the stone to make a cobblestone generator, but the problem is that it's just a generator. So the name is: I'll teach you how to do dude first, we do it here. Four spaces like this: now we come here in the middle, create a space here to place the waters here I come here.

I said like this: look, now you see go with the holes you see now you take this lava val and put it right here in the middle. You will see that this combustion generator is very good. Now my son makes stone. My time is already running: okay bye! Let us go it is all done as this for God's sake. I'm free from this dude bye, don't come back here, you are not free from this guy you got. If the armor, because he doesn't have it, lasts a good diamond, yes, he has ten minutes to find a diamond. I'm right, Who told you to cut diamonds in less than ten minutes off your head? No, there won't be bass on Sunday, it downloads dangerous, a cave, Ah, ok, I, get it nubinho in this cave. So let's dig ahead, go Milena! Who was not a mere no, man is not doing wrong.

I have a technique to teach you my son, the following. Did you know that if we mine from far away so that the stone I want faster than you feel mineral up close like you are doing on the side, so it takes longer for us to date from afar. You understand and I'm going peacefully than me to see if you learn, but Binho isn't taking too long because she calls you, but I'll teach you another trick. Ok, it's a much faster way to rid of kidney stones. This is very new, and if we are Kauane Mirella look around, she transforms the stones around, you see, then we can break with the hoe. This is also a faster way to you, mine, the stones too. Oh, that is cool Now you break your swollen face and that. And now lets go down, you won't find any diamonds.

My brother I'm tired of reading my hand, is already hurting dude. Oh my god, I 'll kill you', huh? Look, there's a technique for you to rest your hand, you want to see Here's the thing. If you have mining and you press the F3 key for days, your game will reload. If you release the mouse, it will automatically mineralize for you. I just went forward and stayed calm, relaxed, good, try, try, try, calm down I will try to stay this close to f-3 I think. Even this I send without nera to Father. I'm still going to get rich old man guy. I got the progress bro, I am very good what. Would you get to get faster than me at the old man's video? Come with me or just come with me to see on the day. I'll teach you how to create a TNT chipper. I first put the neighbor here and I am learning.

I think I am, but I doubt it will work. I thought that it was because I forgot to put the button. That's what I placed a wall with tnt on this side with a detector? Also, we do another l and the most important is to put a coral here. Now do not push the lever with you. This f anoint will stay that it is getting I, wouldn't do it over and over again, and now it's going to work on the day, I fixed it and look at it just sleep. It goes descending there, look, as we have how it's going to break everything until we find a diamond my son, so I don't think it will work because you have already taught me that water can't be put there. No, you must hit the fire here ui and she has a minister who was just trying to try to try one bro.

He's not trying either huh,, forget it, then i'll defeat him he's ready for you, Hello nubinha, the following guy I'm tired of teaching you, so I'm going to teach you a trick to troll someone who is a race. Is the next guy checking this trick? Did you know that snow is fluffy her fall damage, jump, jump, jump, you are, cool cool, cool right. Why am I taking it, when you have the name for ice Ah, there's also next. It was real that here the carpet still makes the snow fluffy to the damage, so that I fall into the Harem I'm going to escape. Apart from how you'll be able to drink I'm alive, because she stopped my giving, even after the carpet and that's how we're going to talk, he got it.

Oh no, we will make a high road here, so he can climb up, in case you and the guy who is trolling me, well I wasn't at all,. It is not that here in the linen pay attention in the queue and there will be a lot of snow here, you will be able to fall at will I'll put faith and on the other side here, Lobinho won't be cute. Ah I understand it is going to be bed rock so. No, you're not teaching him because you are doing what I sent other and Mexican Um silly wants to challenge a battle. Ok, this guy means form battle. Yes, you accept, you re ; you are afraid ; but on one condition, you are to teach Dinho 5 different things in 5 minutes.

If you can do that the challenge accept the horse still on top of me then the time It started to run now, I'm going to the next trick, there's no way Milk would be much faster without the rails, so they're anxious. You know that we place a cart next to a boat old man, but you don't know how to do that. There goes pushes like I can't talk. It's fast now. My God can get in Jeez how it works. First of all, I'm going to teach you how to make a Pink Bed. Here you can put the bed with dye and that one stay old pink. It does not have to be spent on sheep, dear Parish, how cool this Nube is.

Only now that we activate it will it fall over it and take care and it stays on top of her until it works and you're waning to die, old man, you waning to die, I wan't to see it up close and it worked, right? Another is the following: I'm going to teach a construction to you Dude. You see that the chests don't always connect directly before I, but there is a way for you to connect it in each of the values using frame. This cake see horoscope of the animal wants to catch. My face, you're missing 50 seconds of this next man. She's active, she's in the register. Is that what you are doing here doing this is not even worthy from my point of view to speak well True No, no I already did it. Now there will be a channel first year battle.

Look at this old guy he's old, nube too right the challenge is going to be the following. The young man will climb this tower, So we go to your family talking about what I taught you in the first blocks. Can everyone do it can also I'm climbing there I want to see, if not it's very easy [Music] it's also very good. So if I entered into this field word so that don't be a young man to age and whenever you like to troll others, it will be..

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