12 Samsung Galaxy A02S Tips and Tricks : - Galaxy User Guide

Hello assalamualaikum, how are you all coming back to Fauzi channel, distinguished by Liu. I want to share tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy A6 2s for friends who just purchased a Samsung Galaxy A 0 2 ice. The second tip is the assistant menu go to settings scroll down and select Accessibility then select Interaction and Dexterity, then activate the assistant menu after it is active. It will show the assistant panel, How to trigger the notification panel and Quick Settings Swift, then activate focus mode. Please choose whether to focus work or just want to be alone after activating this feature! They won't be colored, aka they will be black and white, and if we open it there will be a warning, focus on the goal,. The fourth tip is double-tap to wake as usual.

Go to settings, Scroll down and select advanced features, then go to gestures and gestures, and activate these three menus here. Hi then tap the front screen twice to disable the screen and double tap to activate the screen so that it lasts. The device maintenance goes to settings. Scroll down and select battery and device care We can manage the battery like we can set the Ad-hoc mode, limiting apps that are running in the background, so that saving more power or other battery settings such as activating quick cache mode Hi, and here we can also control storage such as cleaning files that have become trash, just delete.

Sixth tip, dual messenger, with this feature allows us to open two different Messenger accounts in one device without changing logins and logging out of large applications. However, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and/or telegram or other chat applications, Hi. Now that we have activated this feature, there will be a difference between the original application and the cloned one. Hi tips The seventh symbol, k, ey or the side button of the settings select advanced features then activate the side button. The side button will enter the camera, but we can also replace it with another application which we think is more Need a quick time to open it, Double click, the Power button.

Then it will automatically enter the application that we have put in earlier. Trypsin 8th, Dark Moon to activate it go to settings then select, display and select the dark mode. Hi, and this feature is disabled if it is active and the shroud is inactive. The 9th full screen display picture makes it easier for us to navigate more futuristic than the usual button navigation and by activating this feature the screen also becomes wider, so you can simply save it from the right or left of the screen to go back and Sweep from below to come back k e Homescreen. Hi, the tenth tip is split screen and floating window, It's really easy - just enter the present eps, then tap the application icon and choose to split screen.

The screen will then be divided into two applications at once, so that you can watch while browsing or read, read or chat if you don't mind. Here we can adjust the size and position of the application, hi hi hi tips, 11 hidef Go to FB Awards and then click the three dots on the top side. Please select any application you want to hide and don't forget to click on finish. The application will disappear from the browser but will still be found if we use the "Hire" search feature. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends as much as possible. OK, Rizal Fauzi goodbye, Assalamualaikum, Warohmatullahi Wabarokatuh..

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