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Hello, Assalamualaikum, warahmatullahi, wabarakatuh maghrib with me, Rohmat on the mint Techno channel in this video I will tell the experience of using the Samsung Galaxy A 12 for one month. As friends know, Samsung Galaxy A 12 was released at the end of last year at the end of 2020. So, as a reference for those of you who want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S212,. On the cover, you can see, apart from a solid camera module with a modern brain frame, that there are two texture gradations on the top. The design of Samsung Galaxy, a 12 is really cute and does not make the experience boring.

Samsung doesn't give Softeast in its Sales Package, But it is wrong for friends to press Zoff because the body is very slippery The Samsung Galaxy, a 12 is overall quite smooth, the finishing is clean and the sin is neat for the body. Material, the doi still uses polycarbonate plastic, but the philosophy is held quite solid, not so heavy. With a screen area of 6.5 - incin ration, o-20 vs 9, the experience of using hands. Saul is a bit less recommended, but Samsung is like a solution by providing a one-handed mode overall I like the design and quality of this Samsung Galaxy A 12 and the next about the US Samsung Galaxy Ace dress, using when tail 25 with Android 10 dressing.

The features are also quite a lot like appmodule's game model continues to support, rot 5 and the loud one is sidoli. Messages are sent like bubbles, a simple feature, but is very important for me because si doi is not there with the notification light. There is also a jepson feature that will adjust the sound output according to your age and the doi has a device maintenance feature so you can say Yusra, Sp and use the money after it's very pleasant about the quality of the screen. Samsung Galaxy, a 12 is still using the screen with fwvga resolution. It's a bit unfortunate that Samsung doesn't give an amoled screen, although the quality difference isn't that bad, still able to display image quality that is still okay, comfortable for long usage and about the importance of the screen.

According to the information we get, Sida already uses Corning Gorilla Glass, 3 About the responsiveness of the screen, This is very enjoyable and when tested using a real drum is also very good when we play on the edge of the screen even though the video sounds so good for Samsung, it is fun again. Samsung Galaxy, a glass nurse, Isuzu, yes, I feel the sound is not loud. Even though we already have the maximum volume and for example [Music] yes, si doi also has Dolby atmos audio features, but if friends want to enjoy this feature, you need to use the font. So without events, the Dolby Atmos can't be used. The experience of using it gives a question that is louder and the bass demand is quite strong, friends, including the Gyroscope Sensor for the Samsung Galaxy security features.

The A12 is equipped with a fingerprint God feature to pick it up and put it on the sa. The right side, which is integrated with the power button about the very fast engine release speed, which is precise. With the lock party yes, and about the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S212 Disney, with MediaTek Helio p35 processor, with a combination of two flavor variants, namely 40 128 GB and 64 128 GB for the world. Judging by the AnTuTu Benchmark Score, Sijori got a score of k114 thousand during use, very good for opening the application. If you are good, speaking of performance playing games when invited to play light, games such as mobile legends get the settings right with the right breath smoothly.

Without obstacles invited to play for 30 minutes Sugihan 43 degrees, Celsius batteries reduced by 3.8 for playing free fire games the maximum setting get. The temperature can be up to 48° Celsius and the battery reduced by 2.6 being invited to play heavy games such as Pabji Mobile, getting the settings stuck in response to medium Salma's experience Hence. The storm is reduced by 3.6 so the game performance is still pretty good. Friends, even though they are not in the same class as today's heavy games, because the processor used is not for heavy game needs.

The battery diagram of doi has a capacity of 5000 M with the default charger head which has an output of 15 watts and my casual use according to us is able to use it because even two days for social media and once to play games I said that this cellphone is super durable about charging the battery. If you use the default charger head which has an output of 15 watts, it takes about 2 hours from 10 percent to 100% full. Lastly, we will review the question of the Samsung Galaxy camera. Instead of F2 for a macro camera, each sensor and front camera has a resolution of 8 Megapixel with an aperture of f-22 for photos in daylight conditions.

While for Huawei mode, it should be pretty good in the sense of being able to capture images with colors that look quite like some of these. It's pretty nice and there's also a focus module that makes the photos. It's still okay, friends, especially the doi, is also equipped with a night mode, Hopefully a Samsung Galaxy HP for its natural modem and video recording, Si Doi is stoke at 1080 30fps resolution and like this for example. This is a recording using a Galaxy A12, yes, credit to Samsung Friends. You can see what audio and video quality is here at 1080, 30fps resolution, so it doesn't destabilize friends so it usually shakes and for the audio there are two McCarty Samsung Galaxy A12s.

What is it like for the flour, Hi Stick Empires, use it for recording Samsung Galaxy Ace? These 12 weapons use a camera with UltraWeld mode on Samsung Galaxy A12, You can judge what kind of audio and video quality hi it at 1080 fps resolution and still no stabilizer or Yes So. Maybe the results don't shake, friends, and this uses the front camera on the Samsung Galaxy A 12.

The magic resolution is blurry, it's okay, but the "buster" still fails, So maybe the results will shake, we'll try to see what other good things are like Okay when it is bakery like this and friends, can judge for the audio and video quality of Samsung Galaxy a8s yup OK So This rice is suitable for those of you who are looking for a smartphone for needs that are not adventurous, such as for school or office work, Chidori still reliable because it has RAM and storage which is quite large.

The responsiveness of the screen is still quite good, so it is very comfortable to be invited to multimedia, Then the camera and the video results are quite OK, even though there is no stabilizer for the video, but a smartphone whose battery is economical and agile n fast, and you are pretty fatherly - indeed Fadli Oh. Don't forget to support the Mint Techno YouTube channel by subscribing and pressing the bell for Serum Wassalamualaikum, Warohmatullohi Wabarokatuh..

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