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Hello, hello palm friends, come back with us on Solid channel, gadget. We will review and share exactly, so stay tuned for this video until it is completed. Don't forget to subscribe and tell notifications, so that you don't miss a video from us Okay, according to the price 1 million former Samsung flagships. This is the Samsung S7 Edge, which was launched in 2016 since 4 years ago to be precise. At the time of launch the price reached 10 million on the Samsung Seven es. When I bought it now, the price I received was around 1 million to be exact, one and a half million in the marketplace Samsung S7 Edge. The one I bought was the au version of the Samsung Seven Edge.

It is actually very risky to make Smartphones like that because generally the network conditions have been locked according to their ban or collaboration. And coincidentally, my Samsung S7 X is banal or so that it can not be used for long Indonesian readings. Global ROM, but it does not stop there, There are still problems with IMEI, you know, in Indonesia, There are still problems with blocking IMEI. That is what makes me nervous, but fortunately, after trying my Samsung Seven X, I can still read the sim card and what I did. Sevenet is here, after I check from the screen which usually Sado a you know, it is cracked then the function of the screen, fingerprint camera and physical or body conditions are all still running and functioning.

Furthermore, the division I bought is arguably still really smooth looking. Actually there is a difference between the Japanese version of Samsung S7 X and the official version in Indonesia, namely the kitchen runway or chipset, the experience of using the Samsung S7 Unes, The stretch of the Samsung S Seven semi55 es screen is adequate compared with the current Smartphone, but it is still comfortable to use, as it bears the former version of Samsung with ice frills. The Samsung S7 screen here is therefore curved on the left and right sides.

Unfortunately, the top and bottom of this cellphone tomorrow are still very thick, yes, if that is the case, that's okay, because it has been four years since launch of the Samsung S7 flat here, so the colors produced are really nice and sharp. The always on display feature is already available on this cellphone. If you look at the quality, there is no need to doubt that the back is made of glass and the frame for the screen is aluminum. This Samsung S7 S has a kah of 3600mah and is supported by 15watt fasching. This HP is not very durable but still enough to accompany a daily use, a hi kuch.

Snapdragon 820 with GPU Adreno 530 has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal stories for the experience of using social media for multitasking streaming It's still smooth and comfortable, ready for gaming performance, for games like heavy games, I, think it's lacking comfortable and not suitable for playing with Yes. It will be very wasteful.. My advise is for light. Samsung S Seven SNI only has a fingerprint scanner, located at the home button for speed reading, it's not bad, and for the USB port. Unfortunately, the Samsung S7 Edge still uses a micro USB, but the sound quality is still quite good, even compared to the 2 million HP class in the camera. The Samsung S7 Edge is equipped with a rear camera.

Cyber 5 Megapixel resolution for video recording, Both rear and front cameras can capture up to 4K 30fps and 1080 60fps resolution and has an optical image. Stabilizer embedded but OIS can be used at only 1080 resolution. Hey, your smile, how to use Samsung S7, Edge camera And the rear camera is only 12 megapixels. The results are genie, I think the color produced is not inferior to that of today's smartphones. This is the result of recording with the front camera, which has a resolution of 5 mega pixels but we pack this for video recording, the 8030 vs. display, so the results are not inferior to current smartphone, Even though the Samsung S7 Edge was launched in 2016, which means that I really like it in the end, so I don't lose to smartphones now and to conclude, I.

Consider, after using the Samsung S seven here, I think it's still capable if used for daily use, but not suitable for heavy games and the most I like likes here are really spoiling the eyes, Please click like comment on this video and look forward to the next video..

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